OCT 2011

This journey that I’m on is most definitely one crazy ride! Ups, downs, twist and loops enough to drive anyone crazy lol!

I have suffered with P for 24 years and counting. I can finally say I have accepted its here to stay and we are best friends, with bitter sweet moments!

Psoriasis has made me the person I am today, I can say hand on heart it has had a massive impact on my personality and the way I view life. I guess I see things in a complete different light and am grateful for even the smallest of things.

For so many years I suffered in silence and kept a lot of stuff to myself. Never shared how bad I was feeling or how much it really was hurting me. When I was diagnosed with P there wasn’t much information or support and it was a lonely journey.

I am lucky to have great family and friends who have been there for me and more so since I opened the door and let them into my world to take a glimpse of how hard it really is.

After making the film it really inspired me to help other sufferers out there and that has been my mission since.

So to all my P warriors out there that are on this roller-coaster lets ride together!!!