You think you’re having a bad hair day!!

Try coping with scalp psoriasis!! I guarantee you will want to pull your hair out!!

My scalp is covered with Psoriasis at the moment and its driving me CRAZY!!!

I am so tempted to shave my hair off, I just can’t deal with the itching this time round, not to mention the snowflakes that keep falling off my head.

No chance of me getting lost or robbing a bank, I leave to much DNA evidence hahaha!!!

I am due a Stelara injection in a few weeks, couldn’t come faster I need my fix!!

Flare up started a few weeks ago and my scalp is ooouuuuccchhhhhhhh, you get my drift its hurting a tad! My usual treatments are not working at all this time round, but I’m still trying to calm it down. Cocoasis and Dovobet gel please please do your thing and help my head!

Guess it’s time to rock some hats until I stop snowing 😛

On a positive note here’s me having fabulous hair days!!!!!

Rena Phone Nov 13 403  Rena phone july 2013 035 rena may 21 365


2 thoughts on “You think you’re having a bad hair day!!”

  1. i haven’t been diagnosed yet- financial issues, but pretty sure I have it…. ive been dealing for 6+months. Some days are better than others…. some worse.. i hate it… so bothersome


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