Talking helps!

The day I opened up and explained how I felt living with psoriasis and the impact it was having on my life, was the day I felt free!

Since then I decided I would do all that I could to help others. Educating society is a must, awareness is incredibly important.

rena 406


8 thoughts on “Talking helps!”

  1. Hi Rena! I opened up as well and started to write my blog in order to help other people. There is nothing to be ashamed of! But I also think we should never get almost too ‘comfortable’ with the fact that we suffer from psoriasis and never stop looking for solutions. Preferably in nature! I gave up all the creams and doctor appointments and started my natural healing. 4 months later, I can see a massive difference in my skin. I would love for as many people as possible to try the diet and see how they feel about it. Give it a go!

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    1. Hi
      Great to hear, I am glad you have found it helps you to talk.
      Most defiantly nothing to be ashamed of, I think its more about what you are comfortable with. Everyone deals with it in there own way, and I respect that.
      I to agree about getting ‘comfortable’ I know I never will be, I just deal with differently now. At the back of my mind I know I may have a massive flare up etc and will need to continue the search for treatments to help.
      I am currently on Stelara, and always watch my diet, confession tough I don’t have as much will power now as before but I d try.
      I’m going gluten free and cutting out things I have allergies too, let see how I go!

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      1. Have you heard about ‘nightshades’ and their influence on our body? I really reccomend you to try stop eating them. I’ve been on a special diet for over 4 months – it’s been a battle – but my skin is much better! Good luck! xx


      2. Yes I have heard of nightshades, I’m trying to cut them out too, you are right though its such a battle! I also have PSA too and I know it effects that too.
        Wishing you the best of luck too x


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