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4 thoughts on “CONTACT ME”

  1. Hey rena, i am 44 and suffered with p from 13, I tried most treatments, for the last 3 years I started eating lots of salmon and takeing vitamin d, to my amazement I have been almost clear since, I to was name called, p has had a massive impact on my life, just thought I would share my finding with you, keep strong you are a beautiful woman with or without p, lots of love jackie xxx


    1. Hi Jackie
      Greatly appreciate you writing to me, and sharing your findings. Its good to share as you never know what could help.
      Recently I had bloods and vit D was low so I have started taking them, I have tried eating fish but not a great fan of it…but will def to preserver as I know it has good benefits
      also thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂
      wishing you well too Jackie x


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