Life’s an Itch — September 4, 2015

Life’s an Itch

Does Psoriasis itch? Yes, and can be very distressing.

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So why am I talking itch? Well, many healthcare professionals believe it doesn’t and has low or no impact at all. They obviously have no idea! (I have been tempted to throw itching powder at a few of my doctors in the past who have dismissed the itch)

For me the itching can get really bad leaving me feeling exhausted and stressed out. On many occasions I have ended up scratching so hard that I have ripped my skin open, with blood every where, not to mention triggering trauma to my skin causing a flare up.

So when I was asked to take part in this fantastic campaign I was more than happy too.

Life’s an Itch  is a campaign bought together by The Psoriasis Association and Celgene, also supported by The British Dermatological Nursing Group.

“A campaign to raise awareness about the real impact of itch for people with psoriasis”

I was asked to submit words that describe what ‘Itch’ means to me, along with other Psoriasis Bloggers…and this amazing piece of art work was produced.

210715 Final image

Get involved with Life’s an Itch and create more art work like this!